Pros and Cons of Technology in the Classroom

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With technology advancing every day, it is not  surprise that technology is creating big changes in education. Incorporating technology in the classroom is now part of the curricula and many schools have gone from having a computer lab for the whole school to providing tablets to each student. As we mentioned before, there is a heated debate about technology in the classroom. Here are both sides of this discussion:

Technology in Education


  • Makes learning fun – There are countless of resources for enhancing education that teachers can experiment with such as videos and online polls.
  • Ensures participation – Shy students that are not inclined to participate can feel more comfortable participating via technology. Students are also able to learn at their own pace.
  • Improves technological skills – Students get familiar with technology that is essential in life nowadays. It is a great way to prepare students to be part of the digital world.
  • Accommodates to all students – Including special needs students, technology provides different resources that fit every learning style.
  • Provides access to the latest information – The students do not need outdated books which cost the schools lots of money every couple of years.
  • Helps teachers be more efficient – Teachers can have instant feedback when giving students online quizzes and gets rid of monotonous tasks. It is also easier to manage students’ progress.


  • Distracts students – Students use the technology for other purposes, such as social media and video games, instead of learning.
  • Facilitates cheating – Students can be tempted to “Google” an answer or access notes in online quizzes.
  • Sacrifice students’ social skills – Instead of communicating with each other, the classroom can limit interaction between peers.
  • Creates barriers  between students – This can cause a divide between students whose families cannot afford the technology and those who can.
  • Delivers inaccurate information – The internet hosts many unreliable sources that can be edited and modified by anyone.
  • Makes lesson planning difficult – Adapting technology can become overwhelming for teachers due to the numerous options available. Doing proper research on all products and software is also very important.

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Technology & Innovation in Education

The debate on technology in the classroom ​is heated. However, whether you are in favor of a high technology presence in the ​high school and college ​curricula or not, it’s clear that technology is increasingly integrating itself into academics.​ So what does this mean for our students? In April, we will discuss the pros and cons of technology, different ways technology is being used in the classrooms and more. For now, take a look at this very interesting video created by Deloitte. More in-depth information can be found here.

Deloitte’s first digital education survey:


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