Please note registration is required for ALL participants

Registration options are as follows:


  • Student Discount: $50         
  • Early bird: $50 (by December 19, 2020)         
  • Regular: $75  (by March 26, 2020)         
  • Late: $90 (by April 9, 2020)    

To obtain a group discount code for groups of 3 or more, email  and include all the names and emails of each member in your group. Please note that all member of the group are required to register as attendees

Groups of three to six people receive a 15% discount.

Groups of seven people and more receive a 25% discount.


We do not offer full refunds at any time, and as the event gets closer the amount of payment refunded gets smaller.  This is due to the fact that the event is planned around the number of attendees registered and upon cancellation the changing number of attendees alters the conference as a whole.  

The refund policy is as follows:

  • Attendees ​canceling ​their ​registration ​before 3 months until the conference days will ​receive ​a ​75% ​ ​refund.
  • Attendees ​canceling ​their ​registration between ​​one month to three months ​before the conference days will ​​receive ​a ​50% ​refund. ​
  • No ​refunds ​will ​be ​permitted ​for ​cancellations ​made ​a month before the conference days.



Notification of first batch of abstract acceptance/rejection 10/30/20
Notification of second batch of abstract acceptance/rejection (Abstracts will be accepted on a rolling review process) 11/20/20
Early bird registration ends 12/19/20
Full paper submission for selected papers 2/26/21
Registration Deadline for Authors 2/26/21
Regular registration deadline for participants (a participant is an attendee that does not submit or present a paper, but attends sessions 3/26/21
Conference dates 4/22-23/2021