Frequently Asked Questions

Will World Future Forum provide me with a Visa invitation to attend the conference?

No, World Future Forum is not involved in any Visa application process at the moment. However, formal invitations will be sent only to authors of accepted abstracts.

Where will my paper be published if my abstract is accepted for World Future Forum?

Papers with accepted abstracts will be published on our journal, Future Review. Visit www.futurereview.org for more information.

Is it possible to attend only one day of the conference?

Yes, you can decide if you want to attend the first day, second day, or both days on the registration portal: https://myportal.worldfutureforum.org/User/AttendeeRegistration.

Can I take a non-participating guest with me to World Future Forum for a small fee?

Guest discounts are subject to a case-by-case evaluation. If you plan on bringing a guest. please email info@worldfutureforum.org.

Can World Future Forum cover my travel expenses to Chicago?

No, we are unable to cover travel expenses to the conference; however, we do provide discounts for graduate students and groups of three or more attendees. Please email info@worldfutureforum.org for more information.