World Future Forum 2021 Testimonials

Thank you for being part of World Future Forum 2021. Here are some testimonials from conference participants.
We hope to see you next year!

We’re always interested in seeing how other either Higher Ed Institutions or schools themselves are programming for these issues surrounding transition, and the solutions that they have come up with.
We are here at this conference presenting a digital tool, which we think will have a great amount of benefit for our secondary students. We also know that there’s some certainly some fantastic ideas going on out there. And I think that’s why you come to a conference, you come to a conference seeking new ideas, and what are people doing. So coming to a conference, like World Future Forum, I think is a fantastic way to learn about these ideas.
Mark Trexler, Ed.D.Associate Research Scientist, John Hopkins School of Education
There’s a lot of conversation, in regard to how students were pre-pandemic, post-pandemic…I’m looking more for how people are gathering their information, how they handle the pandemic, and what they’re doing going forward. I think that’s front and center on everyone’s mind, but we don’t know what the impact is. So I’m very curious to hear about how people are just managing through this with their students.
Giselle PattonProject Administrator, John Hopkins School of Education
I loved the conversations about Today’s Workforce Skills and Demands Panel …interesting to hear the speaker’s take on it…Loved the variety of presentations and discussions with experts and expert students!
CYNTHIA BICE, ED.DDean of Faculty and Chief Academic Officer, Miami Dade College
I have enjoyed the opportunity to learn about new research that is being conducted. As I often tell my students, we never stop learning. It is a lifelong joy!..Thank you for the opportunity to network, share new ideas, and collaborate with educators in many other parts of the world.
Jennifer Campbell, M.S.Teacher and Adjunct Professor, Suwannee Virtual School and Toccoa Falls College
I enjoyed learning about some of the research that is being done by some of the other graduate students who spoke over these past 2 days. It’s great to see all the great research that is being done. As an educator, I was fascinated by the presentation about real-world applications of reading (viewing reading as a skill outside the classroom). There were some strategies suggested that I think I can try to implement myself.
Christopher HinbestGraduate Student, Ontario Tech University
Looking at the different ways that people have conducted research, and their different approach, and their different theoretical frameworks, I think are interesting…Moving forward, in my own, just general research and my work with my research population on first-generation low-income students, are thinking about different ways that I can utilize what I’ve learned from other people’s approaches, not with just this population, but their own populations with different types of students since they have all different types of identities and backgrounds that intersect. And so how can I do a better job of getting at those experiences and using different methodologies and approaches to not only get deeper into those experiences but also reach a wide range of students for larger-scale studies.
RANDI FERGUSONDegree candidate, Rutgers University–Camden
One of the things I love about this conference is hearing the really interesting innovative things, that people at different school systems have worked out and are not just plans, but that are moving forward. And and I think transforming what people do for their students, it’s a really exciting thing to walk away from those sessions in here, that we’ve got dedicated people who are always looking to do better.
PHILIP ACREE CAVALIER, PH.D. Provost at University of Tennessee
I think the big thing for me with presenting and being a part of this experience is that there are so many great things that are going on all over the country that we otherwise might not necessarily have access to. But the fact that we were provided this opportunity was awesome, in that we can share what’s happening in Bloomfield Public Schools, Connecticut, but then also glean from some of the other expertise that’s happening all over the world without ever leaving our seats or offices. It was a really good opportunity to share with others and I would encourage other professionals to get out of our own comfort zones and our own silos and our own areas and interface and interact with other people from all over the world.
Jesse J. White IIIPrincipal on Assignment, Bloomfield Public Schools - Connecticut
I’ve appreciated how well the conference has been facilitated in this format and listening to the presenters. There are some excellent practices taking place and the knowledge/experience being shared has been worthwhile to hear. Everyone’s doing great work.
TJ WARRENAssistant Director, Career Services at University of Northern Iowa
The gist of our presentation was this year how our district embraces our students of color…And we wanted to make sure that our teachers and our non-Certified staff, our district, and school leaders, are prepared to support students using culturally responsive teaching practices… What I liked, in the end, was Dr. Phil Cavalier was able to make a connection between the two districts, Bloomfield Public Schools and Centralia Elementary School District, as he described the emotion gap and providing models and frameworks towards cultural responsive teaching.
Stacey Jere McCannChief Academic Officer, Bloomfield Public Schools - Connecticut
The biggest takeaway we want others to get is that our approach as a district is creating this culturally responsive learning community. We have community members that are active members of our professional development and in all levels of education from pre-K to 12, are talking the same language, and our approach in teaching and learning the same way, which is relevant and reflective to the demographics of our school population. And we’ve seen some real big strides in how we’ve grown, not only as individual schools but as a district and also as a town.
Daniel MoletiPrincipal of Bloomfield High School, Bloomfield Public Schools - Connecticut