Marsha Duncan

The Werner H. Kirsten High School Internship Program: A Community Collaboration

    Mrs. Duncan oversees internship and educational outreach programs for the National Cancer Institute (NCI) at Frederick. She is responsible for the implementation, coordination, and administration of a range of initiatives focusing on high school internships, including the longstanding Werner H. Kirsten Student Internship Program, through postdoctoral fellowships.

    In 2017, the Maryland State Department of Education honored the Werner H. Kirsten Student Intern Program with its outstanding business partner in secondary education award.  The WHK SIP will celebrate its 30th year with the successful implementation of the 2019-2020 class.  To date more than 1300 students have successfully completed this year-long training program.

    Mrs. Duncan has been involved with outreach and education for more than 25 years. Prior to joining the National Cancer Institute at Frederick in 2014, she worked with non-profit organizations, county and state government, and the Department of Defense. Among those positions, Mrs. Duncan served as a program evaluator for the Frederick County Office of Children and Families, where she worked to identify and address critical needs to be addressed by local agencies and non-profits. While she has moved on to other positions over the years, Mrs. Duncan has never lost her desire to find new and effective ways to help improve the quality of life and opportunities for students early in their academic careers.