Ana Lado, Ph.D.

Marymount University - Virginia, USA

    Dr. Ana Lado is a professor of education at Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia in the USA. She obtained a doctorate at Georgetown University. She authored Teaching Beginner ELLs with Picture Books: Tellablility (2012) and conducts workshops on the use of picture books to teach oral and written language simultaneously. She has also authored Lado Communicative English: The Lado Series Revised Books 1 through 6 (2021) and the basic level book The Total Approach in a joint publication for the Muslim English Language Institute in Afghanistan and Lado College in Washington D.C. These books teach English with communicative intent as the goal. Currently, as the English Language Specialist for the U.S. State Department, and in that capacity she writes scripts for Broad Class: Listen to Learn English, an Interactive Radio Instruction program in Pakistan which won various international awards. She also is the academic consultant for the TEFL certificate at the Lado College, an intensive English school started by her father, Dr. Robert Lado.