Deborah Schreiber, Ed.D.

Futures Thinking in Organizations and Preparation of Future-Oriented Leaders

    Dr. Deborah Schreiber is an experienced faculty member, educational leader and consultant in the field of higher education, organizational leadership, organizational futures thinking, instructional technology, and digital learning. She possesses thirty years of experience designing educational programs, developing curriculum, and teaching onsite and online for academic institutions, nonprofit organizations and corporate businesses. Dr. Schreiber’s current focus includes coaching executive leaders in futures thinking, and developing best strategies for organizations to manage rapid change in technology, globalization and workforce Diversity.

    Dr. Schreiber has researched and published in several areas, including: student information-age mindset; impact of demographic factors on learning within the context of the military; organizational foresight via understanding source and type of trigger points; and leadership strategies to improve time management, increase productivity, and ensure life balance. Dr. Schreiber was honored with the Charles A. Wedemeyer Award for Distinguished Scholarship for her book Distance Training: How Innovative Organizations are Using Technology to Maximize Learning and Meet Business Objectives. Her latest book, Futures Thinking and Organizational Policy: Case Studies for Managing Rapid Change in Technology, Globalization and Workforce Diversity, was published in January 2019 by Palgrave Macmillan.