Eric K. Kaufman, Ph.D.

Virginia Tech - Virginia, USA

    Dr. Eric K. Kaufman is a professor in Virginia Tech’s Department of Agricultural, Leadership, and Community Education (ALCE). He brings valuable expertise to the areas of professional learning, train-the-trainer models, and shared leadership. Much of this expertise was recently enhanced through direction of a multi-year project with the Department of Defense Education Activity (USDA-NIFA Project 2016-39590-25894), where the professional learning programs required iterative development and flexibility based on stakeholder input throughout the process. Dr. Kaufman also brings experience with research on teaching strategies to better prepare graduates for the agricultural workforce (e.g., Rateau, Kaufman, & Cletzer, 2015), as well as key considerations for leadership development in agricultural contexts (e.g., Kaufman, Rateau, Carter, & Strickland, 2012).