Isabelle Cherney, Ph.D.

Early College: Remote but Still Connected

    (Co-presenter: Russ Olwell)

    Isabelle Cherney is the Vice Provost for Merrimack College’s Graduate Education and oversees the early college program.

    She is internationally recognized for her research on the development of cognitive and social-cognitive gender differences, children’s rights and her many articles on the scholarship of teaching and learning. She has presented her research at more than 130 national and international conferences and published dozens of articles with undergraduate co-authors.

    Her research on toys and gender has earned, among others, invitations from the White House and “Good Morning America.” Her findings have been published, among others, in The New York Times Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, CBS News and several New York Times bestsellers and peer-reviewed articles.

    Isabelle Cherney worked on the ancillaries for a Taylor & Francis textbook on gender development and a chapter entitled “Characteristics of Masculine and Feminine Toys and Gender-Differentiated Play.” She has published more than 50 peer-reviewed articles and chapters.