Janet Bayer Ph.D

Adapting to the Virtual Learning Environment: A Case Study

    (Co-presenters: Shannon Salyer, Ph.D. & Kate McLean )

    Dr. Bayer is an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist with over twenty-nine years of professional experience.  She has specific expertise in career exploration, occupational analysis, job analysis and classification, performance management, program evaluation, organizational analysis, focus group facilitation, and survey design. She has extensive knowledge of both the civilian and military occupational landscapes. In her current role as lead occupational analyst for the ASVAB Career Exploration Program, Dr. Bayer has developed and implemented a methodology for evaluating the skills needed for occupations as well as a process for identifying the similarities in military and civilian occupations.  Her work has formed the basis for the updated occupational information found on the careersinthemiltiary.com website.