Kate McLean

Adapting to the Virtual Learning Environment: A Case Study

    (Co-presenters: Janet Bayer Ph.D & Shannon Salyer, Ph.D. )

    Kate McLean has worked with the ASVAB Career Exploration Program for 10 years. She currently serves as the communications director, managing marketing efforts for the program online, in print, and in person. She is a contributing member of the team responsible for revolutionizing the ASVAB CEP over the last five years. Kate is passionate about empowering young people to maximize their full potential. She develops and executes strategies to inspire young people to explore themselves, the world of work, and their options. Kate founded Written LLC, a woman-owned small business, in 2015 and supports the program as a subcontractor to Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO).  She has extensive experience in the marketing industry and completed her Master’s in Public Relations at George Washington University.