TJ Warren

Conversing with Students on Purpose

    TJ Warren is an Assistant Director in the Office of Career Services at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI). In his position, TJ serves as the liaison to UNI’s College of Social and Behavioral Sciences which consists of 2,000+ students majoring and minoring in 23 areas of study and 8 graduate programs. He regularly offers career exploration, career management, and job searching assistance in a variety of ways to students throughout the college. In addition to his work at UNI, TJ considers himself to be a Man of Encouragement. TJ coaches, speaks, writes, and facilitates workshops. His main areas of interest are helping people pursue their purpose, as well as assisting organizations and teams with working more productively with one another towards a common mission. TJ is a certified Life Coach, CliftonStrengths coach, and is certified to administer several self-discovery instruments to students and clients. When he’s not working, he enjoys drawing, reading, spending time with his family, playing board games with his friends, and catching the latest superhero movie.